Saturday, 30 March 2013

Moving from the town to the country

I sit here and ponder...ponder of what I expected when I moved to the country. I expected long walks on sunny days, playing with the children with not a care in the world. We came to the conclusion to move to the country after visiting the in-laws and not wanting to ever go home. Driving back from the Cotswold's to Essex was an odd experience, it left me feeling sad. One day it occurred to me, what was it that even kept us in Essex? Nothing. So we moved...

Here we are today. Sat in a house in a small town in the Cotswold's  Not quite what I was expecting in all honesty...for a start there is no fields to look out onto. Secondly there is no sunny days, just snow and cold wind. The house is also smaller than I would like.

Our living space inside our house is really small, why is it that you never notice these things when you view a house?! So here I am sat here with my toddler, baby and no word of a lie, 2 square metres of space. I know I should be thankful that it's a roof over our heads, but if I told you this costs two thirds of my husbands hard earned wages from 60 hour weeks, then you will understand why I am frustrated at such little space. But no one made us move, we took that upon ourselves to move here. To move for a better life, and I truly believe that what we may lack in space we make up for in many other ways. For a start the crime rate is lower, my car insurance company actually dropped my premium when I changed my address. We have no noisy neighbours, one of the big complaints was the area our old house was in. Now the only issues of noise we have is just the RAF planes flying over from the local base, something the kids have adapted to so easily that they don't even realise any more.

So it wasn't the happy ending I was expecting, but it's a start. It's something to bulild on, and at least we don't have the 200 mile round trip to do any more to see the's more like a few minutes drive.

In case you are wondering what this blog will be, it will be my journey. My journey into finding my forever home, creating happy memories for the children and living how I want to live. It will be filled with the things I they might not all be to a certain taste, but it's my taste. You can expect retro, quirky with a dash of vintage chucked in for good this space!